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The village of Kingseat is in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland and is situated on the B912 being 1.5 miles north east of Dunfermline and lying between Dunfermline and Kelty. It owes it's origin to coal mining in the mid 1800's when a total of 4 pits were worked. Mining ceased in 1945 although Scottish Coal has recently been working on the outskirts of the village north of Loch Fitty.

The village consists of approximately 430 houses. It has a Community Centre, and a Church of Scotland.

On the outskirts of the village is Loch Fitty which used to be run as a fishery, and is still a popular place for anglers and dog walkers.

The village has an active Community Council and Bloom in Kingseat group - further information about these groups and others is to found on this website over the coming months

1. A Wee Keek back into the past.  (click HERE to open file.)

2. The memorial to the late Colin Smith. Sited on the Path/cycleway going out of Kingseat towards Dunfermline. Here

3. Schematic view of Mining Heritage Display outside Community

    Centre. Here

4.  The origin of the name 'KINGSEAT'  (click here).

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